Designing beautiful flowers

                                      for every occasion....

Jo Mountford is a leading florist with a unique approach to floral design, her mission is simple: to spread her passion for beautiful flowers and her innovative style of flower design, fusing classical and contemporary styles to produce stunning, eye-catching floral displays.

Having learnt her trade at one of the countries leading floral boutiques, Jo has successfully put all she has learnt into Floral Secrets and has gained a reputation for bold and impressive design, which is complimented with her eye for detail and a passion for the simplest of flowers. Taking inspiration from nature and the seasons Jo is constantly excited and challenged by what this has to offer and how she can incorporate this in her designs.

The world is full of colour and intoxicating floral scents, romance, joy and inspiration. A world in which you and your loved ones are the most important people, this is the world in which my passion for beautiful flowers is second nature.

I hope you are inspired by the stunning designs I have created for you.....

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